Spare Parts

We supply OEM spare parts for a large range of engine brands and types. We work with OEM spare parts which means that all our parts are of original quality and guaranteed.  Because our technicians are mounting the parts when servicing engines, we only use the highest quality.

OEM Parts are available for the following engine brands:

  • Wartsila type: W20 – 22 – 26 – R32 – W32 – 46

  • Crepelle All types

  • Stork 240 – 280 – 410

  • MAN B&W 16/24 – 27/38 – 28/32

  • MaK M20 -M25 -M32 -M43

  • Deutz

  • ABC (V)DZC –DX

  • Bolnes All types

  • Sisu All types

Feel free to contact us if your engine is not listed above to see what we can deliver or get an updated stocklist.